Membership Overview

Our membership is drawn from persons working in various areas:

  • Training and Assessment providers
  • Industry Training Advisory Boards and Organizations, and other advisory bodies
  • Industry associations
  • New Apprentice Centres and group training companies
  • Regulatory authorities and other government agencies (including Occupational Health and Safety, licensing and competency organizations)
  • The National Training bureaucracy, and
  • Individuals with a role or interest in training and assessment in the industries represented by the Association.

Industry representation is continually expanding and includes Rail, Aviation, Plant and Equipment, Stevedoring, Warehouse and Distribution and all aspects of Heavy Vehicle including heavy haulage, general road freight, dangerous goods, livestock, passenger transport, concrete, milk, petroleum, mining, industrial waste, removals, quarry, telecommunications and many more.

Membership Fees

MEMBERSHIP FEE – Members pay an annual subscription fee. The fee is consciously fixed at an affordable rate for all and the revenue generated is used for the everyday running of the Association and the work it performs.

JOINING FEE – Paid on entry to the Association – it is pro-rata of the annual subscription fee up to the beginning of the Association’s financial year, plus a Joining fee.

Joining Fee

$A88.00 (Inclusive of GST) – from 1 July, payable in advance.

$NZ to be advised.

Membership Fee

$A132.00 per annum (inclusive of GST) – Pro-Rata after 1st July.

$NZ to be advised.

Membership Obligation

Members of TRANZnet are obliged to adhere to the requirements of the Code of Conduct and the Rules of the Association, on which their continuing membership is based.

Code of Conduct

All Members of TRANZnet must:

  • Provide service in a way that is fair and equitable for clients including learners and industry/enterprises.
  • Work in accordance with endorsed industry standards, laws and regulations.
  • Establish and maintain measures to protect the safety and wellbeing of participants in services provided.
  • Maintain professional competence and endorsements to conduct their services.
  • Avoid conflicts of interest in providing their services.
  • Promote TRANZnet’s professional ethics in their services.
  • Uphold and promote the professional status and reputation of TRANZnet.
  • Conduct themselves with the fraternal membership of TRANZnet as a key component of their activities.
  • Build continuous improvement in their services and professional competence.
  • Conduct themselves in accordance with the Rules of Association under which TRANZnet is incorporated.
  • Conduct themselves in a manner which does not damage the business operations, or be detrimental to the standing and reputation of TRANZnet.
  • Refer any matters which have the potential to impact on the professional standing of TRANZnet to the Association Executive.
  • Support other members to uphold the TRANZnet Code of Conduct.

Click on the links below to view the TRANZnet membership Code of Conduct and membership application:

Code of Conduct

Membership Application

If you would rather not use our online application system you can still apply using our old PDF form:

Click here to view and download the membership application form pdf.