Forklift Licence FAQs

We are often asked questions about Forklift Licencing.  Here are some of our most frequent queries.  If you have a different question please feel free to contact TRANZnet.

What size can I operate with a forklift licence?

Forklift Licence allows you to operate any size and type of Forklift, so long as your Employer has provided you with the necessary training and instructions to operate the forklift on your work site.

Am I competent to operate a forklift in all situations?

No. Holding a Licence indicates you have a basic knowledge of the competencies required. It does not mean all Forklifts, regardless of type, size or situations e.g. Cold Stores. Your Employer has a legal obligation to provide you with suitable training and instruction to operate the Forklift you may be required to use relevant to that work site.

Who can supervise a learner operator?

You can be supervised on the job, by the holder of a High Risk Work Licence only if you are enrolled in a formal training program with a Registered Training Organisation (find a Trainer by using the search facility on the Home page). The previously accepted method of training in an informal manner is now prohibited by Regulation in all states and territories.

Can I become a High Risk Work assessor and what is involved?

To become an assessor you will need to show and have written proof that you have held and used a High Risk Work Licence for several years. Most states also require the most up to date certificate in workplace training & assessment. Application is made either to the relevant Workcover/WorkSafe department in your state of residence, or via a Registered Training Organisation. The Licensing authority will verify your claims, and if successful you will undergo an examination on your knowledge of the equipement you wish to assess, and the system used in conducting assessments. Fees are usually payable either with your initial application or at such time as indicated by the relevant department. The whole process may take several months. If you do become an assessor you will be audited by your authority at frequent intevals to ensure you are complying with all guidelines provided for the conduct of High Risk Work Licence assessments, and by local education authorities. The NRAA is a specialist sub-branch of TRANZnet, and will be pleased to receive an application for inclusion in their ranks as soon as you are appointed an assessor.

I have an interstate forklift license; can I use it in any state otr territory?

Yes. Any Forklift (or any other High Risk Licence) issued by any Licensing authority is acceptable Australia wide.

I have lost or misplaced my forklift licence, can I get it replaced?

Yes, provided it is still within 5 years of it's issue date. Contact the Licensing authority in the jurisdiction the Licence was issued. They will assist you to get a replacement Licence - there is usually a fee.